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The Kenyan Nomad

Monday, July 6, 2015

Being Lost

One more by Ariadna Arredondo!

How many times have you wondered about the times you can get lost in a large shopping center or parking lot? Or the woods or in an unknown place?

There are so many things that we have built that are bigger than we know. Every place is made by man. Someone one day thought of a building, wrote it down and from then on out it became possible. Insane, right? How one thought can just turn into a whole amusement park for that matter? We create these big buildings, cathedrals, parliaments, palace, bridges, ect… to achieve architectural beauty. Still, throughout any of these buildings, we can get easily lost with all the walls we built up. If we take the wrong turn inside that building, we just might lose track of the way out. We might just see darkness. Just one turn or a few, the life we would see in that building would be different. Guess there is a beauty to that. I really think so. However you have to know how to get out too.

Wanna know a similar truth? We are the same as that building.  All those walls men have created for that building, we have built the same ones within ourselves. Some for protection, some because it just happened to be right, others because we thought it was necessary.
These walls are all layers that make it difficult to get to the beauty of things. Sure, a finished well thought out building is divine to see, nonetheless, it depends on the eye of the beholder. It´s all a matter of perspective. That´s why some walls are good to keep.

Have you ever thought of getting lost within yourself? How easy it is to put these walls up and shut the world away? Or leave it open for the world but not for yourself? Think about it.
You may not know part of you is lost, you might just skim away with daily life like nothing ever sticks to you. It does though, this time is your time to check it out and realize it.
As soon as we realize that part of us is lost, we have the knowledge to know that we want to take a step towards a better path. It´s true that sometimes we do need to get lost to find ourselves more.
It´s like we were stuck in a box with all sorts of extremities to help us find ourselves more. How would that be?  Those are the moments we realize what we can do and how far we would go to get things. Or just stay still.

On our path back to seeing the light, seeing some part of you shine, we have to pass through several doors. With every door, we need to take the wall down with us. You see, in order to see the light, we need to have our space as clear as possible.
Why is that the bigger, the better?
We think that if we create all these big walls around us we become better and happier.  Why does it have to be big? Why do you want to fit the whole world into a building? There are so many of us to go around. We all fit with different type of people, not to put ourselves in social boxes, we just fit in with the people we like. And also, why have this big building built if you don´t share it with the ones that you love? Why do you keep yourself locked up inside?

Let down your guard, tumble-down those walls, let it all go so you can start sharing the light to your world. I am happy to tell you that it is welcomed. That the lighter you are, the smoother your ride will be. You can still have that big building, you can still have everything you want as long as you work for it.

It´s all about perspective when it comes down to it.  
Either big or small, either man-made or self-made, steer yourself out of the darkness and into the light that you want to be in. We all make mistakes, we all fall down, we are all people after all, making our lives worthwhile every second of it.
Let´s tear some walls down. Come on, get that hammer or just a push. Take it easy and do what you feel is right.

Remember, hate does not overcome hate, only love can do that.
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Thanks for the read, dear World Sparkler,
The Always Believer


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