The Kenyan Nomad

The Kenyan Nomad

About Me: Roshni Walia

I've always loved reading, and pretty soon I realised that I enjoyed writing too. I started this blog as a way to update friends and family on the weddings that kept happening in the family, but soon enough it turned into a forum for me to share my thoughts, opinions, and journey of growth. Whether this means reviewing a cool restaurant, talking about where I am in life, featuring a really cool guest blogger or making a list that I think would be useful to others, I hope to do it all. 

I'm a proud Kenyan (and I hate to disappoint, but no, I can't run very fast), and am absolutely lucky to have been born and brought up there. I got my honours degree in Economics from Sewanee: The University of the South, which I love dearly for all that it's given me.

I am a trained, certified, and accredited Executive Coach. I'm passionate about helping leaders and organisations unblock, unlock, and accelerate their potential. As an Executive Coach, I build on my leadership experience to do exactly this. Interested in working with me as a coach? Feel free to reach out!

I am currently pursuing my MBA at the Yale School of Management--read more about my motivations here. For my internship, I worked at Metis as their Chief of Staff. Before Yale, I was at Maisha Meds as their Director of Special Initiatives, and then as their Chief of Staff till July 2021. From 2016-20, I was a management consultant at McKinsey & Company.

I also served on the Board of the Young Women Social Entrepreneurs (YWSE) network in Nairobi from 2015-19. 

Interested in working together? Contact me

All views expressed on this blog are strictly my own and do not represent any entity or organisation unless explicitly stated. 

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