About Me: Roshni Walia

I've always loved reading, and pretty soon I realised that I enjoyed writing too. I started this blog as a way to update friends and family on the weddings that kept happening in the family, but soon enough it turned into a forum for me to share my thoughts, opinions, and journey of growth. Whether this means reviewing a cool restaurant, talking about where I am in life, featuring a really cool guest blogger or making a list that I think would be useful to others, I hope to do it all. 

I'm a proud Kenyan (and I hate to disappoint, but no, I can't run very fast), and am absolutely lucky to have been born and brought up there. I got my honours degree in Economics from Sewanee: The University of the South, which I love dearly for all that it's given me. Right now, I'm living in Nairobi.

Mid-2020, I joined Maisha Meds as their Director of Special Initiatives, and currently serve as their Chief of Staff. Small clinics, pharmacies, and drug shops in low- and middle-income countries provide over 60% of primary health care. Yet they often lack the tools required to deliver effective care, managing their operations via pen and paper, supporting patients who pay cash for their healthcare, and relying on fragmented and cash-based supply chains for medication of unknown quality. We build digital tools to help providers manage sales and inventory, source quality medication, and provide discounts and subsidies to help patients access high-impact health products.

From 2016-20, I was a management consultant at McKinsey & Company.

I also served on the Board of the Young Women Social Entrepreneurs (YWSE) network in Nairobi from 2015-19. 

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All views expressed on this blog are strictly my own and do not represent any entity or organisation unless explicitly stated. 

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