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The Kenyan Nomad

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Mediterraneo: Restaurant Review

Mediterraneo Westlands (picture courtesy of their website) 
Last Saturday night found me at Mediterraneo, 9 West, with my family, celebrating my eldest sister's latest promotion (woop!), and I decided that this would be perfect opportunity for a post! My recent ones have been more serious, and I think it's time to take a bit of a break.

The ambiance at their new location is pretty modern, and there's some outdoor seating on the terrace. We were tucked away in a little nook, and while it did get a little warm, this was ideal for conversational purposes.

For wine, we decided to order a bottle for the table, and I decided to try a Chardonnay I'd never had before. We ordered the Apaltagua Gran Verano Chardonnay. The vintage was 2014, and it was a screw cap. Yes, for the ambiance a corked wine might have fitted better, but this was still great! It was unoaked and fairly fruity, with flavours of peach and pineapple coming through. It also went perfectly with what I ordered as a main meal.

This is the point I apologise for my ignorance; I forgot to take a copy of the menu, and most of the dishes' names were in Italian, so I may have a hard time remembering what exactly was what. I ordered some type of pasta with an abundance of porcini mushrooms. The dish was more than just that, and hopefully I'll fix this entry later! It was absolutely delicious. The quantity was perfect, the parmesan was plentiful (always a bonus), and the food was served at a perfect temperature. 

My dad ordered pork chops, my mum chicken breasts in a white wine and mushroom sauce, and my grandad's brother had lasagna. My sister  tried a little bit from all of us, but since she had just returned from a late, heavy lunch (you know how weekend lunches are in Nairobi), she didn't get a main meal of her own.

The restaurant had a wide variety of wines and desserts, which I think is always a good sign. For dessert, I had their homemade strawberry ice cream, as did my grandad's brother. My sister had the vanilla, my mum had a sizzling chocolate brownie with Jamaican rum, and my dad had the yogurt ice-cream with mango coulis.

Strawberry icecream

Vanilla icecream

Sizzling brownie

Yogurt icecream with mango coulis

I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but I think I'd be happy returning here just for the dessert (and wine)! The service was great too; our server did everything right, including giving me the wine to taste before he poured. The manager came to check in on us, which was highly appreciated. So, would I recommend Mediterraneo to you? Highly so!

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