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The Kenyan Nomad

Monday, July 27, 2015

Question, Question Everything Until....

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It feels right! What are we on about? Curiosity. Be assertive. Be real with yourself.
Okay, okay, let´s break it down:
Every day you've got some extraordinary power to leave a footprint in someone´s walk or to light up someone´s stormy day…
Every day you've got the choice to make your own surroundings better and work towards your goal.
Now, in order to get to this place, you've got to ask yourself. Ask yourself tough questions!

For example:
1) Do I do my best at work?
2) Do I set clear goals for myself?
3) Do I challenge myself?
4) Do I always give out the best version of myself?
5) Do I give it my all every day, at whatever I am doing?
6) Do I achieve my goals?

These six questions may look simple, be that as it may be, these questions are the ones that make you think a step further.

We all move through a fast-paced lifestyle, all the same, we need reminders to slow down and focus on what we want to achieve before it slips away. As we are trying to focus on the day-to-day things, we tend to forget the big picture. We forget to practice, we forget to call, we forget to do something for us… being tied up with everything else we have got going in life.

Hence, we advice you to STOP! And question everything until you find what you are looking for. Don't let the daily errands take over your real passions and goals. By asking yourself these six questions every once in a while (every 2-3 weeks, keep yourself in line) you will really see what you want to do with your  life.

Be honest. Be real. Write it, sing it, post it, create it. Be truthful to yourself. After all, this is your life. 
Get to the root of it all, of what you are really passionate about, shake it up, remember to stay active and go for those goals. A trip, a concert, a dress, working out, taking better care of oneself, cleaning more, changing jobs, learning a language.. a thousand million things is possible in this lifetime. What is your passion?

Not only that, another key reminder is to Love Yourself, no matter what. You are who you are and are where you are because that is your path. So, give it your best, give it your all. And love yourself, love yourself every day a bit more, love yourself, faults and all, love yourself every step of the way.
And if it happens to be that you are happy with every aspect of your life, amazing! Still, keeping yourself in check is a great thing to do. All in all, balance.

Now, while you go find that balance, one step at a time, you also get the chance to talk to countless people on a daily basis. At the end of the day/week/month/year/life… you have talked to plenty of people.

Thus, all of these questions also apply to that. You are able to help someone every day without even knowing it. Just by the way you are, the way you act and the way others see you. You just never know whose life you can touch, without even wanting to.
All in all, it always makes sense to give the very best of yourself. Work hard, keep smiling and question everything until you find that balance that you want.
You know what we are talking about!

Do you have reminders to keep yourself in check?

The Always Believer
Spread the love!!!! :) Be sure to spread the message as far and wide as you can: Help yourself, help others, help the World.

Ariadna Arredondo

The Always Believer

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