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The Kenyan Nomad

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Health First - or Treatment Later?

"Would you rather be proactive about your health, or be reactive as needed?"

If you pose this question, I highly doubt you'll find someone who'll select the latter (and if you do, I'd be very interested to meet them and learn more).

I think we all agree that it's important to be proactive about our health - physical health, mental health, emotional health - but when it comes to actually putting this into practice, we fail.

We are finally coming to a stage where it is more acceptable to talk about our health issues, and we are supported on these. I'm especially pleased to see many organisations, carrying forward the discussion on mental health issues and how we can support those around us (

However, I firmly believe that we won't have as much impact as we'd like if we don't address prevention alongside supporting treatment.

Personally, I've tried to get more proactive about my health, and I think there's a lot we can do as individuals to be proactive, and as organisations and social units to support this proactivity. (Here is an article I had published about some of my own 'wellness rituals' - and I'd encourage you to give it a read: )

I'm not a medical professional, and I would advise you to follow their advice when it comes to actual practices to put into place, e.g., a regular workout routine, regular checkups with your doctor, a healthy diet. You're probably also aware of a few no-regret things you can put into place like getting enough sunshine, finding time to laugh and be grateful, meditation, and reading, just to name a few.

What should you take away from this? As a person - it is ABSOLUTELY OKAY to say that you want to dedicate time and energy to self-care. As an organisation or social unit - you should try your absolute best to support those in your networks to help them understand that it is okay to do this!

What are some of the ways that YOU have committed to be proactive about your health, and ways that you've seen support for this from others? Do feel free to share!

Monday, November 12, 2018

CJ's: Restaurant Review

I've heard a lot of great things about CJ's Restaurant, in the CBD, but unfortunately hadn't had an opportunity to go there until very recently (who goes to the CBD for fun, right?), when I was in town for a few meetings over a few days - and managed to go a few different times for lunch!

CJ's is also that kind of place that has an amazing website - warning, their online menu has tantalising pictures! - so they'd kind of already endeared themselves to me before I went.

Two things I love about CJ's - despite being bang in the middle of Nairobi's CBD, they have a lovely, open ambience that's helped by the glass roof that lets in lots of natural light, and they have very friendly, attentive staff members.

I wouldn't call myself a regular (just yet) but I've already discovered my CJ's drink of choice - their peach iced tea. There's an option of getting this with some ginger juice (Kenyans loveeee ginger), but I prefer it without.

This peach iced tea is my new love. My bae if you will. If you ever need something from me, bring me one of these and your chances will be MUCH better!

On my first visit, I ordered chicken strips with masala chips, described as 'tender, juicy, breaded chicken strips served with honey mustard, french fries and coleslaw'. Honey, you had me at honey mustard...

True to their word, these WERE tender and juicy, and absolutely delicious! The honey mustard was a PERFECT complement. The masala chips were good, but not exceptional, so next time I get this I may opt for their regular french fries.

The next time, I got the chicken parmesan sandwich - described as 'tender chicken lightly coated in parmesan breadcrumbs, roasted green peppers, rustica sauce and melt'.

This too was - spoiler! - amazing, and definitely had a comfort food vibe to it. The chicken itself was delicious, the green peppers and rustica sauce blended with it perfectly, and the parmesan breadcrumbs were the absolute cherry on top!

In fact, I enjoyed this sandwich so much that the next time I went, and opted for the half and half (one half of your choice of sandwich, a cup of soup of the day with a small caesar salad), my sandwich of choice was the chicken parmesan.

This time, the soup was a lovely creamy Thai chicken noodle soup, which I'll definitely be returning for! The Caesar salad was fresh and crispy, and it had bacon. Who doesn't love bacon?!

Will I be returning to CJ's? Most definitely, and soon at that! In addition to their amazing food, service and vibe, their prices are also pocket friendly. Gotta run now - I find myself having this sudden, unexplainable craving for peach iced tea...

Monday, November 5, 2018

Afta Eats: Restaurant Review

Sunday brunch is a sacred ritual to partake in - and what better place to indulge than a place reputed to have amazing coffees, waffles and crepes (both sweet and savoury), as well as granola bowls and vegan crepes?

A few Sundays ago, I decided to check out Afta Eats with a friend for her birthday.

I love the light, open look and feel of the new wing at Village Market - part of it is almost food market-esque!

On this particular Sunday, Afta Eats wasn't that busy - surprising given all that I've heard about it, and that it was 11 am. They had a great, energetic playlist on, definitely something designed to get you up and about.

The only thing that could've improved the vibe of the place, in my opinion, would've been mimosas but - alas! - we managed to do without. The Afta Eats tables are definitely cute, with little infographics on various drinks in them. Their menus could use some upscaling though - they don't live up to the aesthetic of Afta Eats.

To drink, I got the chai latte, while my friend got a coffee.

The chai latte was unfortunately milky. Not bad, but not something I'd offer again unless they changed it.

Surprisingly, they didn't have chicken that morning. My friend and I decided to split a choco chip waffle, and a veggie crepe. I was a little suspicious about the latter - I'd gone in expecting meat - but this emerged as my favourite!

Surprisingly, the waffle was small! Definitely not the size I'm used to. However, this did not stop it from being ABSOLUTELY delicious. It was fluffy, not too sweet, and the strawberries were a perfect addition. I think this could absolutely be an amazing dessert!

The crepe - this was the surprise winner for me!! It contained a lovely medley of vegetables, and came with two different sauces - one spicy, one slightly tangy. It was perfectly spicy, with all the flavours of the vegetables coming through PERFECTLY! I'd definitely order this again (if I don't get tempted to try any of their others, of course), and would recommend you to as well. 

Do I plan on going back? Most definitely, yes!

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