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The Kenyan Nomad

Monday, April 20, 2015

About Thyme: Restaurant Review

Having recently moved to Kenya, I've been eager to connect with other bloggers in the area. Unfortunately the only one I knew is the talented Aniqah Khalid of Maisha, but I was lucky enough to get to meet Jean Wandimi of The Wine and Food Review last week. We arranged to meet at About Thyme, on Eldama Ravine. I hadn't been for years and years, and was curious to see what I would find. However, the experience was absolutely fantastic!

I absolutely love the cozy ambience that About Thyme has created, and actually think it would be an absolutely fantastic place for writers to work and stay inspired (hint: don't be surprised to find me typing here)!

The service was fast, friendly and efficient. Our server was knowledgeable and willing to help. Despite it being only a Tuesday afternoon, there was a steady stream of people coming in, which I think in itself speaks volumes. The manager/owner (I should have probably clarified which) kept checking in on us and other guests, and was actively engaged in what was going on around her.

Since I was still suffering from a cold at that point, we chose to sit inside. I didn't order any wine for the same reason, and went for a cup of soothing green tea. However, I was pleased at the extensive range of wines, cocktails and other alcoholic beverages that they serve, and do intend to return to try the same!

Luckily for us, the menu was extensive and didn't just feature the 'usual' stuff. They had a quick lunch offer, which consisted of tea or coffee, a main meal, and a dessert at an affordable price. Jean chose this, and ordered the English fish and chips. I chose from the main menu, and actually ordered based upon the (great) recommendation from our server. I went for the pumpkin and amaretti tortellini. 

It was ABSOLUTELY amazing! The flavours blended together very well and almost exploded in my mouth (pardon the cliche), the presentation was excellent, and the food was served at a good temperature. On top of that, I was served a very hearty portion and so had enough for leftovers later! I don't usually order tortellini at restaurants, but have changed my mind after this experience. 

While I didn't have much room for dessert, Jean's dish came with a dessert, so I tried some of the fruit off of her fruit platter. 

However, I definitely do want to return to try the drinks as mentioned above, and the desserts (if you're not convinced, check out some of the pictures below). Looking for a great place to eat at affordable prices and with a fantastic ambience? Do check out About Thyme! 

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Anonymous said...

Hey Roshni! Really liking your blog - so interesting! I'm a food blogger based in Nairobi, my site is, written a review on About Thyme and Temiras (weirdly enough I had the butternut squash ravioli as well!). Always keen to meet other bloggers so let me know if you want to meet up!

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