The Kenyan Nomad

The Kenyan Nomad

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Follow up: Why are You Smiling?

I asked a couple of people to send me their stories, and this is one of the ones I got:

I'm smiling because I got an email from my best friend, who is so unbelievably corny and sappy. I wasn't smiling before this email; in fact I was rather upset that I had lost my page on a book I was reading and because my sister made the worst chocolate chip pancakes ever and then yelled at me for eating only the chocolate pieces, but then I read this email and just had to smile. My friend would do this. She's always doing things like this. She loves this sappy stuff like birthday cards and pictures of puppies and text messages of inspirational quotes from famous people. She is so very strange and abnormally fond of things that most people aren't comfortable with, like showing affection in a public manner (or hugging a male professor), but this is yet another reminder of why she is my best friend and one of the greatest influences in my life. Life isn't always happy and loving (in fact, it's usually not happy or loving at all), so it's important to remember the sappy, romantic moments. It's important to show people that you care and to hold on to the happy moments as much as possible. And, yes, it is important to ask why someone is smiling. 

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