Friday, June 21, 2013

Ah, the Crazy Friday Rolls Around Once Again

Guess what folks? Dramatic drumroll and all that, it's finally Friday.
Take five minutes, plug in your earphones, play a song. Jam in the office, let everyone know it's a Friday.
Yes, I have lots of energy right now. And I'm trying to spread it as far and wide.
Go ahead people, ask me why I'm smiling!

This weekend, I challenge you to do something to stretch yourself. A sort of  new experience weekend.
For Friday, strike up a conversation with a stranger, but with some limitations. For example, you're not allowed to use a certain word, phrase, or must incorporate some words like purple and cow. Or purple cow. You get the gist.

Saturday, let's create something shall we? A meal, a painting, a structure, whatever you want.
And on Sunday? We're going to relax in a new way. Now, I'm not going to suggest anything for this. Let's see how creative we can get.
Have a creative, stretchy Friday!

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