The Kenyan Nomad

The Kenyan Nomad

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The First Time

What if we could experience something for the first time? Or give someone the ability to?
Imagine going through a moment, a day, or a lifetime, experiencing everything for the first time. The joy, pleasure and wonder of newness.
What would you think of experiencing?
The first time you hold your newborn baby.
Ice cream.
First love.
That first kiss.
Waking up to the first day of holiday.
The look in your dog's eyes when you get home from a day out.
Driving through the gates of paradise into a place called Sewanee.
The taste of tea.
Meeting your friends.
Your parents' faces the first time you get home from a semester away.
Even the simpler stuff, all that we've learnt to take for granted.
I'm going to sit back and let this be my first time. All my first times.

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