The Kenyan Nomad

The Kenyan Nomad

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The end may be a new beginning

I've always thought about the journey. Starting it. Going on it. Never the end though. The end terrifies me, as I'm sure it does many people.
The uncertainty of knowing what knows after is as strong as the certainty that there is an after.
What could be the biggest end of all but death?
There. I said it. Ernest Becker, the author of The Denial of Death, believes that the fear of death is what governs most people's lives.
I can see that in some way.
Yet, there are so many other ends we are confronted with in our day to day life. Some we can prepare for; others knock us clean off our feet.
I remember when I graduated high school, and came to a university a whole continent away, I was terrified of the end that I had come to.
But then, there was a beginning.

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Anonymous said...

How many more ends still to come before the final END? That, no one knows. Each end is like climbing one mountain, reaching the top, and then notice that there is another top to scale/clear!! Keep going, keep your faith in yourself and trust the Almighty to be there when you need him.

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