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The Kenyan Nomad

Monday, August 17, 2015

Come On, We Can Get Up and Go!

You, yes you… you might be wondering how you got up from bed this morning or why would you bother putting on a cheery ringtone to wake up… if that would make any difference!

Here it comes
Monday comes and goes and goes and comes. You have put yourself in the position you want, in other words, getting out of bed and heading to job you are in, it was all you, baby. You should either be proud of that or start making a change, if that is what you are aiming for.
Let’s go over some key reminders on why we are able to do what we do!

Nothing last forever
Whether you have the Winter blues or you are just on the end of your rope, remember nothing lasts forever. Whatever is driving you up the wall, it too shall pass. If you are on the flip side and are generally happy, take some time to remember that too. Why?

Appreciate it all
Yup, this is why. No matter if you are on the rocky side of life or signing constant mash-ups from Glee without a care in the world, appreciate everything you've got. Without entering in religions, just ‘Say a lil prayer’! Be grateful to your friends, family and most of all yourself. You’ll be happy you did since it tends to give out a whole vibe to the day.

It was better before yet it is still getting better and better 
This one is a deep thought phrase. Food for thought, as they say. For example, something I struggle with money. I’ve been fully supporting myself for many years now and as a young adult, it can be something quite challenging. Whether it is due to changing jobs or apartments and even the few cases of moving from city to city, it has been a challenge that I've been having for the past few years already. Now, when things got real tight, I would think to myself about all the times I did have enough. And from that moment, my next reaction was to get mad at myself because I didn't have enough at that moment.

Gradually and slowly, this train of thought turned into reminding myself that I have survived worse times and that it always got better, one way or another. And each time I find myself slipping, or already in negative, I raise up thinking that I have enough to maintain myself and best of all, I do work hard every day to overcome this situation once and for all.

So, it was better at some point, however, each day that you work hard for what you want, it is getting better… gradually and slowly, better each and every day.

C is for You

You are strong(er than you think).
Seriously, you are. Let’s go back into my yearbook again. A few years ago I had to face a few situations that torn me apart and torn me all around. It damaged me so hard hat I snapped. My constant train of thoughts were that I wasn't able to survive, they drove me down to the ground to places that I thought I wasn't ever going to get out off. Constantly crying on the floor, bawling my eyes out for the whole world to hear repeating to myself that this was going to break me.
A year passed and I still wasn't okay, but I was better than I thought. Gradually and slowly, I showed myself that I was stronger, braver, wiser, whatever word you want to put in here, thank I thought. It took me more years to recover, to get back up and still get some off days. Be that as it may, I look around at what I’ve got and see how far I’ve become every day. Making sure I remind myself that I am strong and that my past won’t break me. Making sure that what I have right now is what I want and that it will continue getting better because it is up to me.

Someone help! 
Even though it is always good to be self reassured on how strong you are, it is always okay to ask for help. It takes guts to ask and it comes in different forms. For me, that same situation stated above took various paths for me to get better. It started by calling a friend and sobbing next to them and continued to sitting down with a therapist to go over all the details of many heartbreaking situations. I had made myself keep inside of me what was wrong for so long that the thought of opening up was painful itself. Years later, it has helped more than you can imagine. As for you, no matter what you are going through or went through, take time and courage to ask for help. It will always do you good.

Discover other options 
There were many points in my life where I was just looking at one option without realizing I had plenty to choose from. In other words, we get so set in our ways that we forget what is around us. And what is around us is the fact that there are many options, many choices, many opportunities, many things we can do and consider in order to get a weight off your shoulders. Being guilty of still thinking this way sometimes, I try my best to remember that I’ve got many other paths I can go down and that they are worth a try. After all, any road is a good road as long as you get to where you want to be.

Keep Flyinh high with #GoDoFly

There are always going to be better things in front of us than behind us
Paraphrasing a C.S Lewis quote right here, it is a quote that I hold dear to my heart when nothing or no one else can bring me comfort. Surprising me every time I realize its true, it seems to be a keeper in my book. As far as it goes for me, years later from having to struggle with one of the hardest parts in my life, I’m living in a city that I love, sheltered with friends that love and support me and starting to work in a field that I am passionate about.
I survived, I got help, I figured it out, I worked hard, I believed, I did.
There are always better things along our way. For all of us.
So, come on, get on up and be part of us. It is always going get better.
Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments down below.
The Always Believer

Ariadna Arredondo

The Always Believer

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