The Kenyan Nomad

The Kenyan Nomad

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Back in Kenya: Day 11

As a blogger, I don't do a very great job of being regular, do I?
I like to think that when I eventually do write, it's more of an event, a novelty to look forward to.
Anyway, what am I up to this summer? Taking a complete turn from the NGO route, I'm working with a smaller marketing firm. I'll also be doing some school visits for Sewanee; my first is tomorrow and I'm pretty excited!
he internship is going great so far. While it may only be my third day here, I'm already working on important stuff beyond stapling and filing. The joys of being a Sewanee student eh?
Nairobi itself hasn't changed, and yet it has.
The people are the same yet different.
The roads are awful yet wonderful.
Let's not start on the traffic shall we?

It's refreshing to come back home and find a sense of familiarity; people are still going about their daily lives, and nobody had as yet revolutionised the country (although hold your breath, we do have a new president and a government!)

What have I learnt in the three days that I've been spending in traffic? That I wish I had some kind of 'courtesy injection' to use on people. Seriously though, while us Kenyans are known for our friendliness and hospitality, there are certain areas- such as our roads- where this is severely lacking. While it is mildly entertaining to watch two cars battle it out to see who gets a spot on the road first, I can only imagine what's happening with the stress levels of the people in them.

I know it's much, much, much easier said than done, and that it'll take a long time before this happens, but Nairobians can benefit so much from a little friendliness on the roads!
Come on people; we can do so much better.
Happy Wednesday!

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