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The Kenyan Nomad

Monday, October 6, 2014

Wellness Routine

I guess I recently discovered the importance of a sort of 'wellness routine', so to speak. Different things work for different people, but I thought I'd share what I've recently found to work for me (aside from obvious things like eating healthy and drinking plenty of water). Maybe putting it on here will help me be more regular, motivate others, and help me learn more!

1) Green tea: Okay, I couldn't believe how easy this one is. I've always liked the taste of green tea, and tried to drink it often. It's only recently that I've started having a mug or two of this every day, and I know it does me a bucket-load of good. Read more about the benefits here

2) Activity: Those who know me know I'm not the most active of people. Over the years, I've tried many different workout routines, but none have really stuck. Sure, I'm from Kenya, but running isn't really what I'd call one of my greatest skills. I've had the Pocket Yoga and Nike Training Club apps for a few years, but only just started to get regular with them. So what I usually do is about half an hour of a yoga routine every weekday, and try do a Nike Training Club workout as often as I can. The thing I love about these apps is that they can work for everybody, no matter what skill level they are at, and they have lots of variety. Pocket Yoga is easy to follow, and has about a few different routines that one can do. Nike Training Club incorporates yoga, cardio, and many different sorts of workouts at different levels, some designed by well known trainers, and it's easy to select and work toward goals!

I haven't been regular for too long, so I can't say whether I'm physically healthier already. But I'm definitely noticing that after each workout, I'm less tired, more motivated, and noticeably happier. Yay endorphins! Check out more about how exercise can help reduce stress here Stress Management with Exercise

3) Meditation: So I might not be the best at this, or do it everyday, but I'm trying to do this more often, for about five or ten minutes at a time, and it's getting easier. Want to learn more about how great this can be? Check out Benefits of Meditation. Am I going to be a meditation ninja who can stay still and quiet for hours at a time? No, probably not. I'll be happy with just a few minutes a day!
I love this picture that I found via Health Central

4) Laughing: This is so, so important. If I'm working, I'll take five minute breaks to watch funny videos just to make myself laugh. Laugh often, and laugh well. It'll actually go a long way into making you a happier and less stressed person overall.

5) Reading: I'm trying my hand at reading more non-fictional stuff... expand the mind, keep learning and all that. Right now, I'm working on Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert. Next, I think I want to read Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell and the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.

6) Brain training: Just a couple of minutes a day can go a long way into preserving your mental health. There are various ways to train, like doing sudoku or puzzles, but I've recently grown fond of brain training apps, Lumosity in particular. I also like Fit Brains; there's more detail, but you also have to pay more for specific areas, so it really depends on what you're going for.

7) Writing: Whether this is a private diary, a public blog, or a combination of both, I find that writing helps my mind in so many ways. You get to explore yourself more, learn to manage your emotions, and have an outlet for your creativity.

8) Increase positivity: For me, I do this by having a 'good memories' jar, and I write down good things that have happened to me that day, maybe something that made me laugh or something that I'm grateful for. Opening this from time to time is a great way to spend time!! (Unfortunately, right now, my jar is in Tennessee and I'm in Iowa... but I'll get it back end of this month)!

Hope this helps in some way... have a healthy day all!

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