The Kenyan Nomad

The Kenyan Nomad

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Vacation Destination: New Orleans

This past weekend, I visited New Orleans for the first time ever, and had the absolute best time. I've definitely found a city that I could add to my list of my top three vacation spots, and it especially appealed to me because of its rich history, and the antiques, arts and photography that were on display.

Old homes and buildings absolutely fascinate me. I love learning their history, and exploring the connection with the people who lived or worked at these places in times past. Unfortunately, the historic graveyard we wanted to visit had closed an hour before we got there, but there was plenty of opportunity to see the rich cultural history elsewhere!

I feel like I could talk about the city and the experiences I had there for ages, so I'm going to let the pictures we took do some of the talking!

Oddly enough, I found little reminders of Kenya in NOLA too; I stumbled across a shop that carried Maasai-made souvenirs, and it was nice to have a little piece of home!

While at the French Market, I saw a Sikh at one of the stalls. Being myself, I went over to say hello, and was extremely touched when he said to me "Daughter, sit down and share my meal" (in Punjabi of course).

(Also, I got my palm read outside Jackson Square and was extremely pleased by the fact that my life is apparently going to be awesome. Cha-ching!) 

Another cool reminder of home was when I discovered that the tea in our hotel room was from Kenya!

On Saturday night, we saw one of the parades, the Krewe du Vieux. The masks, beads and boas were great; we had a fantastic view from one of the balconies in the city overlooking the parades, and had lots of extra Mardi Gras beads and boas and other artefacts that we threw to the crowd below (and yes, I did feel like a benevolent goddess at that point).

I absolutely cannot WAIT to go back and visit at some point again. Have a fantastic day, won't you!

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