The Kenyan Nomad

The Kenyan Nomad

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


A question you often see floating around on the internet is: what superpower/ device (think Adam Sandler from Click) would you have if you could choose any?
Today, I'd like something that you could use from a distance on vehicles that have absolutely no road sense at all, like our dear matatus. The purpose of this device would be this: when the vehicle it has been shot at has been switched off for more than a certain period of time, say an hour, it cannot switch on again until and unless the person who used the device reverses their action with the same device. The purpose of this time period would be that cars would not stop on the road and obstruct traffic. Rather, if they have stopped for around an hour, this would most likely be in a parking spot or somewhere out of the way.
Having them unable to use their vehicles would be an effective (and annoying!) form of punishment, especially for those who drive recklessly to make money, such as matatus and the famous buses.
Obviously, the device(s) would need to be in the hands of HONEST and responsible citizens... I can only dream what kind of mayhem would ensue if this was not the case.
Now, while I know that this device is purely imaginary (at least for now) it did give me some measure of relief and moments of pure childish glee just imagining that I was using it as I was on my way to work in the morning, as I watched buses drive on pavements just to get 4 or 5 cars ahead, and matatus force their way into different lanes... on roundabouts. I'd like to think that they wouldn't be given way and allowed back on the road, but the harsh reality is that whoever attempts something so brave would probably get their car hit, especially so for those of us who drive around in smaller vehicles.
Have an imaginative day, won't you! As for myself, I'm going to have fun on the way back pretending to use my new Matatucessator! Sigh... one day!
(matatu + cessation)

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