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The Kenyan Nomad

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wealth; why does it disturb us?

The world has a history of 'hating' on the rich. From Robin Hood to modern day news articles, the rich are viewed (unfairly) negatively.
Recently, the Nation featured an article about a helicopter that was forced to make an emergency landing in a farm in central Kenya due to bad weather, as the pilot was taking his children to school. After that, there was some debate that went on, and a rather opinionated article followed, that noted that when most people cannot afford to take their children to school in cars, we have someone who takes his to school in a chopper everyday. The author sounded rather disgruntled, and I felt that they thought that this pilot (Alan Root) should not taking his kids to school like this.
I ask, why not?
If someone has wealth, in most cases this means it has been earned. Whether through generations, or from rags to riches, someone has worked hard for this money, and once they have it, why should they not use it as they see fit? Sure, we do have cases where rich people have been made rich not due to their hard work and honesty, but because of the corruption which is rampant here and elsewhere- but it is not fair to judge and punish all the wealthy based on these select few.
Money is not the social evil we all believe it to be. It only becomes this when we choose to portray and use it as such.
Instead of begrudging someone their right to spend their hard-earned money, why don't we congratulate them and wish them well? What goes around comes around folks...
Have a well-earned week ahead!

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TW said...

I think you have hit the nail right in the centre when you talk about the 'some' who may have received their wealth by not very "hard" work. Unfortunately, this number is becoming more than before. When you look at the people who have earned their money, you will see very few of them just blowing it away showing off - most will use it to improve their life style and/or someone else's too. A lot of people from this category will give easily to charity also. But, in the end, there is a difference between "respectable money" and otherwise. Anything that you have worked for, can only earn you pleasure and comfort - even if that is a few pennies only.

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