The Kenyan Nomad

The Kenyan Nomad

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Nothing in Nairobi

The warm Saturday sunlight is certainly doing a poor job of motivating me to run later in the day. Hanging out in one of my favourite cafes with friends and sangria, I stop and marvel at just how awesome my life is. Stepping back from my thoughts, I tune back into what one of my friends is saying. 

"Yeah, I've been living in Kenya about two months, but I really haven't done much or visited many places!" 

The rest of us all nod in agreement as we chime in with talk of how fast time is passing, how little there is to do, how difficult it is to find (and motivate ourselves to participate in) things to do outside of dancing/drinking/eating/working. Blah blah blah... you know the drill. 

Slowly, we trail off as we realise our friend is still speaking about how much she hasn't been able to do since she got to Kenya. 

"I mean, one weekend we travelled to Uganda, and did some rafting there. Another weekend, I went camping to Naivasha, and then we did skydiving in Diani the week after. Went biking in Hells Gate last weekend... but yeah, other than that, really haven't been anywhere!"

She pauses expectantly, waiting for us to agree. It takes us a while to articulate the fact that the "little" she has done in two months is more than many Kenyans do in a year!

Does this sound familiar to any of you? 

While the above situation may be a little embellished, it's definitely got elements of conversations that I've had with friends and coworkers, and I'm pretty sure that my situation is not unique.

Is it true that there is 'nothing to do' if you live in Nairobi? Not at all, as is shown to us time and again by foreigners living here. Rather, we tend to take all that this city (/country/region) has to offer for granted, and we settle in to our comfort zones. Laziness definitely adds to the equation.

However, I don't think that this is a uniquely Kenyan thing. Many people I know who live in other cities/ countries don't fully take advantage of them until they really get to see things from the perspective of tourists.

What am I getting at? Personally, I'm trying to stop being lazy and take advantage of all that Kenya has to offer: from little things like weekly Zumba to going to fun events within the city skydiving in Diani. And of course, I'll write about them!

What do I want from you? Let me know about activities you've tried out or would love to try out in Nairobi (or in Kenya), places you've visited or are planning to, and I'll do my best to get them on here!

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Unknown said...

Thanks for your this post Roshni... I have come to understand the concept of "there is nothing to do" in Kenya is all about what one really "likes" to do...if you like watching movies, you can catch thdm at the theatres... if you enjoy the great outdoors... ;) ur looking at one, if shopping is your thing... limited as the choice may be, you can shop at your fav outlet at one of the many malls old and upcoming, and if you are a foodie.. then Rosh.. you know how to do it!!

There are marathons happening (not to mention the color run coming up in june that I am really looking forward to), safari ralley for the motor enthusiasts, rhino charge, there are quite a few things to do if you really are the "out and about person"... yes, compared to the west we are limited to a few activities but Kenya has come a long long long way...

If someone says i have nothing to do or little to do...have they checked out the arts museum in town? No...? Well, head on over then!!

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