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The Kenyan Nomad

Monday, November 17, 2014

We're Back!

My scheduled vacation to Tennessee (which was amazing by the way) somehow unintentionally turned into a writing vacation from my blog. Coming back and getting into the swing of things with a new internship and crappy weather made me lazier than I thought I'd be, so today I thought I'd finally sit down and get some stuff out.

The new internship is going well, though I do have an awkward moment to share! Those of you who don't know me should be warned that I do have plenty of these, and I will never quite be the embodiment of grace and elegance. I was being introduced to one of the higher-ranking employees at the firm, and after a firm (thank goodness) handshake, for some reason, I found myself asking "How do you do?" Almost immediately, I mentally facepalmed myself. As the appropriate response for "How do you do?" is also "How do you do?", asking it usually precipitates a series of mumbles as people scramble for something to say. More often than not, there'll be some awkward silence, and this day was not too different. Luckily, we smoothed over it quickly, helped by the presence of my supervisor with us, and while leaving I made a mental note never to use that greeting again!

Anyway, before I forget to do it, I wanted to talk about a wonderful restaurant that I stumbled across in Nashville. Epice is a Lebanese bistro located in the city. Originally, I had planned to go elsewhere with two of my closest friends (the third being unfortunately absorbed in law school stuff), but after looking at the menu, I decided that nothing quite appealed to me. Epice was suggested as an alternate location, and the menu sounded interesting enough that I decided to check it out. I haven't had Lebanese food in YEARS... and have been craving it almost everyday since I left Epice.

The ambience is nice enough, although I wish I could say more about it. Honestly, I was more absorbed in the food and the company I was with. I liked the service at Epice, in that it was tailored to what I needed that evening, and I'll explain what I mean by this. Occasionally, one goes out and is in a mood to socialise with anyone and everyone, including the staff at the restaurant. That evening however, I was rather tired, and not especially chatty, and I really appreciated that our waitress seemed to pick up on this. She gave me suggestions, answered my questions, but didn't hover longer than was necessary.

I ordered the Tawook, and it was absolutely AMAZING. The meat was flavourful and tender, the garlic paste on the side was great but not overpowering, and I absolutely loved what they did with the potatoes. The portion was an appropriate size, and I was hungry enough that I finished almost all of it. 

Doesn't it look amazing?!

One of my friends ordered the kafta, and I don't remember what the third got, but I'll post the pictures below nonetheless. 

Of course, being as tired as I was, I didn't pay much attention to what the prices were. You can imagine my surprise then, when I got the bill and thought I'd been severely undercharged. Nope, just great food at pretty affordable prices. I'd planned (and budgeted) for a fancy dinner that was going to be a tad bit expensive, so was quite delighted at having the fancy dinner but not having had to pay as much. Planning to visit Nashville sometime soon? Please visit Epice!!

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