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The Kenyan Nomad

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Efficiency in Wedding Organisation

Efficiency is a goal that firms and individuals have tried to achieve in most, if not all aspects of day-to-day life. Employers look for ways to increase productivity at work, individuals try and find ways to cut down on time spent on chores at home and we are all constantly exploring apps that will make our lives faster and easier. Wedding planners, website designers and soon-to-be wedded couples have also started to catch up in the efficiency race, with the introduction of DIY wedding websites, where engaged couples and their families can buy templates and then use them to plan and organise their weddings.  

One service however, has taken a different approach to wedding websites. Wedeze, a new premium wedding website service founded by Gurdeep Sembi, Managing Director of SembiSoft, aims to provide an easy to use, yet fully managed service to engaged couples. Sembi says "A lot of the DIY solutions for wedding websites end up looking exactly like that, DIY. In order to have a great looking website, a lot of thought and expertise needs to go into the layout of the content, how it is presented and how user friendly it is. Even with the best designed templates, if the content is not structured correctly, the website will end up looking average.”

Wed​eze gets basic information about the wedding from the couple (or whoever else is helping to organise the wedding), and then set up a wedding website that is easily accessible from all devices. The difference between Wedeze and other DIY websites is that Wedeze set up and manage the website for you with unlimited support for a year; meaning that the couple and their family can ask for help for anything regarding their website at no additional cost, leaving them more time and resources to dedicate to other aspects of their special day (or week, depending on the type of wedding being held). 

Efficiency does not have to mean a compromise on quality, and that is exactly the sort of service that Wedeze delivers; efficiency while still being of high-quality. In terms of helping wedding planners, couples, and families looking to plan a painless and enjoyable wedding, this service definitely seems to be ahead in the game.  

Feel free to check out Wedeze right here!

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