The Kenyan Nomad

The Kenyan Nomad

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring break 2012 conclusion

So spring break is over, and I''m headed back to school. That's the only reason I'm up at this ridiculous hour; my flight's in half an hour, so I had to be up at 2!
Has it been a successful break? Yes, definitely!! I spent the early part of my week recovering from a flu that was bound to come (exams, weather change, etc), and the later catching up on movies and sleep and good food. From Thursday night onwards I moved to my cousin's place, and we went to the Big Apple on Friday night.
What a night!!
First, I met another first cousin at a place called Raaz (which means secret).
Visiting an Indian restaurant is something that I always look forward to while I'm away from Tennessee, as I don't get much of that on the mountain. The appetizers and chai we had were great, and from that we moved to an upper end Asian restaurant that was full of lights and noise and people; just the way I like it. The food (and drinks; surprisingly I didn't get carded, teehee!) were absolutely amazing, and if you can stomach the noise I would definitely recommend it.
I personally ordered the Kung Pao chicken, which was great, but everyone had a variety and we all shared. After that, of course, we were full to the brim, and decided to walk it off, when someone in the group had a brilliant idea; karaoke!!
Hunting for a karaoke bar, we ended up in a place in "Korea-town" where I had an amazing time watching people really get into it!! Again, there was a 21-age restriction, but the group pleaded for me, and since the manager saw that I was only a year away, I was let in. Lucky me right? :)
My favourite was a couple who was completely off-key, dancing not quite to beat, but having such a great time that it was infectious. Karaoke with a group of people all more than 6 years older than me was quite an experience; I didn't know most of the songs, much to the shock and horror of my co-karaokers!
I did know a few, and my particular favourite was the end song of Dirty Dancing (which is one of my favourite movies, as I finally got around to watching it this break and plan to do so again ASAP).
About to board, so I'll head off now. More from the South!

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