The Kenyan Nomad

The Kenyan Nomad

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First memory recollections over spring break

Most people have no problem calling up their first memory. The other night, I was lying in bed, and (unsuccessfully) trying to fall asleep. I started to think about my first memory, and came up blank. Sure, I have lots of memories of my childhood, but I couldn't tell which is the first one.
Logically, the first thing to do would be to trace back, which I did.
I moved back to Nairobi with my family when I was around nine years old. I had plenty of memories of this time, so I went further back. After I came back from India, I was in Western Kenya; again, lots of recollections here. Visits with my cousins, letter writing, my dogs, school, friends, and plenty more. Before this I was in India for around five years, and here too, my memory functions wonderfully!
Before that, I was in Kikuyu, and here I start to get a little rusty. The day I found out that we were going to India? Or is that a dream? Running outside and falling and splitting my head open? Well, that's happened a couple of times, and I'm not too sure how great a first memory that would be. Travelling alone with my dad? That might be me remembering a story I was told. Or not.
Here's hoping that somehow it comes back to me!

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