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Monday, October 8, 2018

Soi: Restaurant Review

It's been a while since I'd been to Soi, a Thai restaurant at Dusit, so I definitely wasn't going to refuse this as a lunch location a few weeks ago!

The location is definitely convenient (for me, in this case ;) ), and I'm a fan of their ambience which may trick you into believing you're not in Nairobi.

To drink, I chose the Soi eleven sling - Longon gin shaken with fresh pineapple, lemon and sweet Thai basil, and soaked in tropical bitters and lemon soda. While I did enjoy this - it was refreshing and not too heavy for (what was supposed to be) a light Saturday lunch, I do think the aesthetic could've been improved. The plastic straw didn't do much for me (or the environment, I presume).

Soi eleven sling

To start off, we ordered the Peek gai thod kha-min (deep fried chicken wings marinated with turmeric, fish sauce and garlic, served with Thai BBQ sauce). I really enjoyed these! They were amazing and flavourful, and the garlic came through perfectly. They could've been slightly crispier, but I would still order these again. 

Now for mains - wow, we definitely over-ordered (and overate)! 

We got the Gaeng khiew wan gai - green curry with chicken; the Moo phad bai horapa kai dao - stir-fried spicy minced pork with sweet basil leaves, garlic and fried egg (but we replaced the pork with chicken); the Bok choi phad goong (stir-fried pok choi with black pepper and prawns in Thai garlic sauce); and steamed rice. 

First of all, the green curry. I'm a huge green curry fan, and this one definitely didn't disappoint! It had a slight bite to it (if you can't handle spice, beware), and managed to be wonderful and creamy. It was the perfect thing to order for a cold afternoon - comfort food if you will! 

Next up, the stir-fried minced chicken. I wasn't sure what to expect from this, but I really liked it!! Didn't try the egg though, I'm not really a fan of egg in my Thai food. However, this definitely could've been spicier, but this was easily remedied by adding some of the hot sauce (and green chillies) we asked for. In terms of flavour profile, the basil definitely injected a sweet flavour to the dish, but it worked very well. 

Now, the bok choi. I wasn't expecting to love this dish as much as I did!! I kept eating more and more, and even mixed it with the mince chicken (they went together very well). The prawns added to the light and refreshing feel of the dish, and the bok choi was perfectly cooked and crispy. 

My mouth is watering just looking at this again....
Finally, for dessert (Did you think I wouldn't make it this far? Well, you're wrong.), we opted for the coconut sticky rice with mango. Definitely a great choice, as it wasn't heavy at all, and not too sweet either (although the mango may have been a tad bit raw). 

What did you think? Has this review made you want to go check Soi out? If so, do let me know what you end up ordering!

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