Saturday, June 20, 2015

What Does Ramadhan Mean to Me?

Another guest post by my good friend, Aniqah Khalid, of Maisha, about what Ramadhan means to her. This month of fasting for Muslims around the world has just started, and I know that many of us non-Muslims have questions about what this month actually means to them. Enjoy!

This is an extremely complex question to answer in a long point form manner. How I can answer this, however, is in a more metaphorical way.

Ramadhan is coming home after a long hard day. Coming home, kicking off your shoes, finding solace in familiarity and comfort in its security.
Ramadhan is that strong pain killer for when your body aches that you cannot sleep at night, you cannot eat and you simply cannot think.
Ramadhan is that small open window in a hot and stuffy room.
Ramadhan is that drop of water that can save the thirsty beggar.
Ramadhan is what many pay hundreds and thousands of dollars on therapy for.
Ramadhan is the light feeling after being forgiven and after forgiving.
Ramadhan is fuelling the car after it has broken down.
Ramadhan is that calm, tranquil feeling of peace after one has cried away their sorrows.
Ramadhan is that magical feeling when you are loved and when you love.
Ramadhan is faith and hope in a better you; in a better tomorrow.

To me Ramadhan acts as a new year- New resolutions, fresh starts, a new me and a positive approach.
To me Ramadhan acts as therapy where my only therapist is Allah and I have a direct communication with him, no interruptions.
To me Ramadhan is a test of my character; a test that molds me into the perfect depiction of myself I can possibly be. It tests me in order to prove my strength and reminds me of the faith I carry within my heart that I may doubt.
To me Ramadhan is a chance for all of us; the alcoholics, the thieves, the bigots, the jealous and all the evil within. There is hope for us all to come back to divinity and righteousness.
To me Ramadhan is a clear sign that Allah indeed loves me for He made this month especially for me to gain closeness to Him. It is as if a teacher has rigged an exam in your favour or slipped you an answer before an exam. I am so lucky, as are you. There is no clearer proof of the love that gravitates us from above. Without that love, we would be lifeless souls wandering earth aimlessly.
To me Ramadhan is perspective. What is important in life, what is expected of me and the things that matter in the bigger picture.
To me Ramadhan is a cure for all illnesses of the mind heart and body.

“Ramdhan is like a rare flower that blossoms once a year and just as you begin to smell its fragrance It disappears for another year. Make the most of it now while you still have a chance for the harvesting season is here and it won't last.”


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